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Drilled Template for Quilling

This drilled template is great for quilling projects. It lets you roll papers in different sizes, but also upto 10 of the same size. The board is 3mm deep and is approx A5 in size. Full instructions included.


Cork Backed Plastic Quilling Board

Handy template with cork underlay for quilling. Use to both help roll the strips and to hold the ornaments as the glue dries, in a variety of designs and sizes. Template measures approx 21cm x 15cm.


Quilling Pen with Embossing Ball

Dual-tip metal quilling and embossing pen with rubber grips. Will take papers upto approx 10mm. Length approx 14.6 cm.


Pack of 3 Assorted Quilling Tools

Plastic assorted quilling tools for use with 2mm, 3mm, 5mm & 10mm papers. 3 per bag.


Quilling Crimper Tool - Fine and Course

Deluxe paper crimper, for crimping quilling paper, can make fine crimp and coarse crimp. Total width approx 10.5 mm.


Ribbon Cutting and Curling Tool - Two Assorted Sizes

Tool for cutting ribbon into fine strips. This ribbon splitter can split strips in two widths.