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Pack of 3 Assorted Pom Pom Looms

Pack of three pom pom looms. The small loom makes a pompom approx 1.5" (3.8cm) in diameter, the medium makes 2" (5.1cm) and the large 3" (7.6cm). Includes simple instructions for making your pom poms.


Stix2 Pick Up Pencil

The essential non-sticky pick up pencil. Perfect for picking up all your gems, stones, diamantes, pins and needles.


Crafter's Companion The Ultimate Pro

The Ultimate Crafter’s Companion Pro is everything you will ever need for your card making projects, in one handy and portable carry case.


Fantasic New Features Include:

  • New inner panel which incorporates 4-duo sized embossing shapes designed to make a variety of pop-out and K-cards, but also great for decorative embossing and shaping
  • A new finish to the plastic which has been designed and developed to ease dry embossing creating a non-skid, easy-emboss surface
  • Included in each Ultimate Pro are 2, double ended ergonomically designed scoring tools, consisting of a bone folder with a cm/inch ruler and 3mm, 4mm and 5mm round head embossing tools
  • A new independent cutting mouse which can be used both in conjunction with the ruler as a trimmer but also as a standalone independent cutting-knife which has a replaceable blade function that takes a standard size, readily available cutting blade
  • A newly designed, bigger one-piece ruler which can cut, score and measure cardstock up to 12”x12” with ease, and which fits both ways inside the unit for ease of use
  • Ribbon shaper which can be adjusted to make bows of all different sizes and styles
  • 2 hinged storage compartments, with mouldings to hold the ruler, embossing tools, cutting mouse, ribbon shaper accessories and instruction booklet in place when the unit is closed (all of which come included)
  • Improved, updated and simplified Envelobox maker
  • 24 page colour instruction booklet, including, step-by-step photography
  • More decorative lines, corners, shapes and embellishments, making this the ultimate scoring and embossing system

Pack of 3 Goldline Flat Acrylic Brushes

Set of three flat acrylic brishes for use with thin and heavy-bodied paint and glues and lacquer. Brush size 2 with a 3mm flat head, brush size 8 with a 9mm flat head and brush size 12 with a 12mm flat head.


Stix 2 Non Stick Crafting Sheet 15" x 18"

Non stick craft sheet will withstand high temperatures. It's non-pourous and will protect your work surface. It will not let any paint through it and when dry will wipe off and remain as good as new. Embossing enamel, candle wax, soap chips and even hot glue will not penetrate or distort its smooth as glass finish. Clean up is quick and easy - any excess melted product, once cooled, can be easily removed and placed back into the melting pot ready for future projects. Can easily be cut to fit tidy trays, baking trays etc.


Set of Two Stix 2 Pink Silicone Finger Protectors

Ideal to use with your Stix2 Hotmelt Glue & Stix2 Craft Iron. Swirl directly into the hotmelt glue to create backgrounds and patterns, which then can be foiled & glittered. When creating your own hot glue dots, they will protect your finger under the craft sheet. Protects your finger when using your craft iron on intricate pieces of work.

Stix 2 Pink Fabric Glue Pen with 1 x Refill (Temporary Hold)

Stix2 Fabric Glue Pen is designed to hold fabrics in place for sewing without the need for pins. Simply apply the glue along the fabric edge and press the pieces together to hold. Stix2 Fabric Glue Pen is coloured for easy application and dries clear. It is water soluble and is easy to use for all kinds of fabric projects including English Paper Piecing, temporary fixing, basting zips in place prior to sewing etc. 

Stix 2 Pink Fabric Glue Pen Refills (Temporary Hold)

Stix2 Fabric Glue is designed to hold fabrics in place for sewing without the need for pins. Simply apply the glue along the fabric edge and press the pieces together to hold. Stix2 Fabric Glue Pen is coloured for easy application and dries clear. It is water soluble and is easy to use for all kinds of fabric projects including English Paper Piecing, temporary fixing, basting zips in place prior to sewing etc. This is for a pack of two refills for the pen - pen sold separately.

Stix 2 2 in 1 Glue Pen with Metal Nib

Stix 2 2 in 1 glue pen has a fine metal nib with rolling for precision application. When wet, use as an ordinary permanent glue. After applying and leaving to dry it will be removable. Ideal for paper, card and photographs. Goes on blue, dries clear. After use clean the nib and replace cap.


Easy Stamper Stamp Blocks

EasyStamper from Dovecraft has been designed to make professional craft stamping easy for everyone. Each ergonomically designed clear stamping block has a curved surface and a special depth gauge to ensure an even pressure is automatically applied across every stamp. The result is a clean and even image with no residue ink. The EasyStamper professional stamping kit includes five original self adhesive stamps and three stamping blocks. Features: Fully transparent stamping blocks ensure a clear view, horizontal and vertical gridlines for easy stamp alignment, soft rubber handled grips for comfortable control, fixed depth gauge guarantees an even pressure during application, three different sized blocks suitable for any clear stamp size, self adhesive clear stamps have no need for extra fittings.


Dovecraft Bone Folder Tool

Dovecraft’s bone folder is a dual purpose tool for scoring and folding most types of paper, card, vellum and acetate.   Use the pointed tip for scoring and the smooth rounded side to glide across the surface and create a neat fold. Scoring: press the pointed tip of the bone folder firmly onto paper or card and firmly run it down. Folding: after scoring, fold in half to create a slight crease and run the tapered edge of the bone folder firmly along the crease to press into a flat fold. Please note product and packaging colours may vary from picture.


Dovecraft Precision Scissors

Dovecraft precision scissors have sharp blades to give a clean and precise cut and a soft grip for easy handling.


Dovecraft 12" Paper Trimmer

The Dovecraft paper trimmer is a durable rotary cutting device which will cut most paper right up to 12x12 220gsm card. Features: See-through positioning guide ensures an accurate cutting line. Moveable paper guiding arm for easy measuring and angle setting. Printed angle and size measurements for accurate cutting. Designed for both left and right handed use. Removable stainless steel blades – replacement packs available.


Dovecraft 12" Metal Edge Craft Ruler

The Dovecraft 12 inch ruler is presented in bright pink acrylic with the addition of a metal edge for easy and safe cutting. Piercing holes run every 3mm across the ruler and are excellent for spacing brads or eyelets. Ruler measurements are in Inch, 1/6th inch, cm and mm markings.


Pack of 10 Assorted Paint Brushes

Pack of 10 assorted artist's brushes. 3 x synthetic for acrylics, oils and watercolours, 4 x bristle for acrylics and oils, 3 x natural hair for acrylics, oils and watercolours.


Pack of 10 Assorted Artist's Paint Brushes

Pack of 10 assorted artist's brushes.


Stix 2 Pink Edge Scuffer Tool

The edge scuffer is applied to the edges of your project to creaste a distressed look whether this is a scrap book or card making project. Place the edge within one of the groves on the scuffer and pull down repeatedly until you get your desired effect. Great to use when layering and you find your edges aren’t matching up.


Stix 2 Pink Foam Daubers Pack of 5

For inking edges, images and creating backgrounds. The foam dauber can be used with inks, mica powders, spray paints and more. Use the back of the dauber to create circle effects on your projects. Use with Mica Powder or glitter to get into the hard to reach places on your moulds.


Dovecraft 12" Paper Trimmer Replacement Blades

Pack of replacement blades for the Dovecraft 12" paper trimmer.