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Dovecraft Christmas Spirit Scoreboard

The Dovecraft Christmas Spirit scoreboard can be used for embossing paper and card or creating your own original templates. This scoreboard contains a huge variety of images - including snowman, angel, gift tags and baubles and includes 2 project ideas for inspiration. *This is a new, unused item but the box has become unstuck. Does not affect the product or its use*


The Glitter Girls Fanciful Embossing Board

A wonderful fancy flowing 'corsage' type book shape with spine, 8 frames including the new Barley Twist pattern, rectangular pages, fancy edge layers and central decorative layers to create stunning book type cards. A fabulous fancy set of 6 label shaped pages with spine including our very popular beaded layer to be made into spectacular label shaped book cards to suit all occasions. An additional 4 layer plaque adds to the complete flexibility of this lovely board to provide a wealth of possibilities for all card making projects. Perfect for use with the Keepsake CDs, die cuts and accessories. Handy size to take for craft on the move. The Fanciful Embossing Board from Keepsake can be used with your embossing tools to create pretty designs on your work.

The Glitter Girls Multi Design Border Fold Embossing Board

New from Keepsake Borderfold - Multi Border Design Embossing Board with card folding facility. A Graceful Selection of 12 Beautifully Elegant Borders, Deco Edge of 5 lines with card folding facility to fold half A4, half A5, Gate Fold, Tri-fold with a special framed area to easily locate where to place your card to begin folding, also included folding tool.

The Glitter Girls Illusion Embossing Board

This board has a multitude of uses. It contains the complete alphabet and numbers 0-9, a grid for making monograms, to mention just a few of it's features.

Crafter's Companion Boxer

Measure, score and fold accurately with this innovative boxer board. One side includes imperial (inch) measurements up to 8 inches in ⅛” increments, and the reverse side features metric (cm) measurements up to 20cm at ½cm increments. The lines at each edge are engineered differently to enable you to create custom size boxes with ease. Simply use two identical size pieces of cardstock, and this board will make your lid slightly larger to fit perfectly over your box base.


Pack of 15 Card Cut Out Christmas Decorations

Selection of 15 large cardboard cut outs in christmas themed shapes. Perfect for little fingers to decorate with paints, pens, collage etc. Pack contains 5 different designs each of 3 pcs.
Height from 23.5 - 26.5 cm and width: 15.5 - 20.5 cm.


Pack of 25 Card Cut Out Wrap Around Stars

Pack of 25 wrap around star shapes. Another great idea for small hands. Approx 15cm x 7.5cm, 230gsm card so just right for sticking and decorating.